eMAGIC – English and Spanish Touch Tone with the Option of Voice Recognition!

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The new eMAGIC system makes it easy to navigate through your accounts with new enhanced security features.

Enhanced eMAGIC features include the following:   

The ability to change your Personal identification number (PIN) without the assistance of a member service representative or coming to one of our branch offices.

An option to listen to our banking business hours.

Personalized and smart menus in English and Spanish.

Ability to interact with touch tone or voice recognition.

The option to speak to a live member service representative (during normal business hours).


Of course, you can still:

See if a check has cleared

Get real time account balances

Transfer funds between account 

and Much more!

This service gives you 24-hour access to your account(s) through any touch-tone phone. It is quick and easy to use because voice commands guide you step-by-step through each transaction.